Arthritis is a joint-related disorder in which one or more joints swell up and causes pain in that area. It is a problem commonly found in people of old ages, above 50 years of age generally. The problem keeps on worsening with age as the joints become tender. Cents of joint conditions are covered under arthritis depending on what is the root of damage.
The symptoms revolve around the affected joint only-
1. Pain and redness in the region
2. joint swells up and becomes stiff
3. decreased motion of the affected area

There are two major kinds of arthritis.
1. Osteoarthritis
Causes – Wear and tear damages, bone grinding, joint injury or infection

2. Rheumatoid arthritis
Causes – attack at the lining of the joint capsule due to low immunity, which gets swollen up and
damages bones and cartilages.
Arthritis cannot be cured; it can only be treated. Physiotherapy is advised for the affected joint
along with a medical prescription.

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