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The diseases which spread due to pathogenic microbes like fungi, bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. are called infectious diseases. These diseases are transferred from…
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Diabetes mellitus is a hereditary disease commonly known as diabetes or blood sugar among common people. Around 425 people across the world are diagnosed with this disease…
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Hypertension or blood pressure is a very common problem. It is also possible that some of us might be suffering from it; still, we cannot find any symptoms. The symptoms are not traceable, but the consequences….
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It arises due to inflammation or narrowing of bronchial tubes (airway), which further produces excessive mucus. In some cases, it is also seen that asthma prevents oxygen from entering the lungs, hence, enhances the complications…
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Bronchitis is a state of lungs in which bronchial tubes are inflamed and blocks the passage for oxygen.It can be of 2 types, acute and chronic. Acute bronchitis is a minor stage that dissolves in a few weeks by antibiotics….
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There is a butterfly-shaped gland located near our windpipe called the thyroid. This gland secretes the hormone, namely thyroxin and more. When it is produced in excess amount, the disorder is called hyperthyroidism, and when…
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The severe throbbing of pain or a pulsing sensation attacking one side of your head is known as migraine. It usually causes nausea along with headaches, and the patient becomes sensitive to light and sound….
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Arthritis is a joint-related disorder in which one or more joints swell up and causes pain in that area. It is a problem commonly found in people of old ages, above 50 years of age generally.The problem keeps…
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