Hypertension or blood pressure is a very common problem. It is also possible that some of us might be suffering from it; still, we cannot find any symptoms. The symptoms are not traceable, but the  consequences can lead to major damages such as heart failure.
In hypertension, the blood pumps through the arteries at high pressure. The disease becomes severe when arteries get narrower, and pressure is high.
The normal blood pressure is – 120/80 mm Hg.
The symptoms are common and hence, less significant to detect high BP at earlier stages. Some
symptoms include-
1. Headaches
2. Nose bleeding
3. Shortness of breath.

1. Inheritance
2. Obesity
3. Consumption of tobacco and excessive alcohol
4. High stress
5. Some chronic diseases like kidney problems, diabetes, etc
6. An excessive amount of sodium (salt) in diet and a lower amount of potassium.

This disease cannot be cured permanently. To control hypertension, certain medication is given
to the patient. It is advised to lower the sodium intake of patients to control hypertension.

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