Bronchitis is a state of lungs in which bronchial tubes are inflamed and blocks the passage for oxygen.It can be of 2 types, acute and chronic. Acute bronchitis is a minor stage that dissolves in a few weeks by antibiotics. However, if left untreated, it may convert into a chronic stage. The chronic stage arrives when acute bronchitis or asthma is not treated properly.
1. Coughing out yellow-green colored mucus for more than three weeks.
2. Shortness of breath
3. Wheezing sound while exhaling
4. Chest congestion and pain
5. Body aches, runny noses, itchy throats
6. Sleeplessness

1. It can be transmitted from one person to another, so by transmission through saliva, touch,
sharing of food, etc.

2. By air-borne pollutants
3. Asthma, if left untreated
4. Smoking

Cure –
Since oxygen is blocked due to inflammation, inhalers are prescribed to the patients to control
their disease. It is advised to take the nebulizer under medical supervision only.

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